CORNERS OF TIME® are beautifully crafted stand alone displays featuring a tasting tray filled with Mediterranean Products, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Zaatar oregano blend. Each Corner offers a direct interactive display for our Guests, through a direct internet.

In Paris, tourists will be able to sample then purchase delicious Mediterranean products, then walk away with the confidence of knowing that the hard working people of Corners of Time® will promptly execute their order: No VAT, no problems with packing, no declaring to Customs, no custom & duty, no extra luggage cost & weight, because our goal is to help solve problems, not create them!

From Lebanon, Lebanese Americans can send their friends and family the treasured products of their ancestral homeland, with the confidence of knowing the products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition, within days. No carrying packages home, no gift wrap torn open by TSA, no breakage, no weight, no problem!

In the US, our Corners of Time® will be located where our customers go, so they don’t have to come to us. They will encounter them in unexpected places, and be able to sample, select, purchase and ship, always taking with them a gift.

Corporations in need of gifts will find the most helpful, professional, affordable service, offering unique items that their clients will be grateful to receive, all delivered when they want them delivered!

And everyone will receive timely news of when their treasures ship, and when they arrive. But the service doesn’t stop there! Customers who bought before, or the people to whom they give gifts, will be able to simply log on to our website to purchase more for themselves or their friends, associates and families, all with the same unmatched service, delivered within days.