Texans are invited to Plant TIME Olive Trees
And to taste the Beladi olive fruit which is still being gifted to the world from the
6,000-year old Mother trees, 16 of which can be admired in the village of Bechealeh, Lebanon

Thursday, May 2, 2013 – Austin, TX – “We discovered a treasure and we would like
to share it with you. Through DNA, we have learned that the immortal olive trees of
Bechealeh mothered the Beladi variety we introduced in the USA in collaboration with Novavine, one of
the most successful grape nurseries in the USA.” Gwen Dayton, Director of Communications, Olive
Grove Partners.

With Nancy Ash’s blends, the Beladi won 4 medals with its first 5 entries in its first 2 years at the
Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition.

“We are fortunate to be part of this adventure with arguably the oldest variety of olive trees and the
legend of their branch brought by a dove to Noah’s Ark.” Farid Rebeiz, Principal, Olive Grove Partners.

Age and fruit say it all about the health, flavor and giving of the Beladi olive tree. Add the shade,
drought-resistance, beauty and value to their property and Texans can enjoy the Mediterranean

“Our mission is to research and propagate in the USA, the Mediterranean/Lebanese olive tree varieties.
Our plan is to plant them and let them do their job, their way, in Texas. It will absolutely survive the
weather; the climate will influence the fruit’s flowering process, not the growth of the tree. Hundred-year
old olive trees are commonly transplanted with almost 100% survival rate in Lebanon.”

For the Texas growers who want to profit from the olive oil, we will offer data on the industry’s
advance in Northern California and suggest factoring in the climate for the fruit’s flowering process
in Texas. At a gathering on Sat. May 4, 2013 at Pedernales Cellars near Fredericksburg, Jay Jensen,
CEO of Novavine, will make a presentation on the olive tree in general, on our progress in the
R&D of our varieties and the potential similarities and differences when grown in California,
Texas, Lebanon or Oregon.

“50 years after few farmers persevered despite being told that wine grapes could not grow in Oregon, their
Pinot Noir wine has become over a billion dollar a year industry. Oregon could also produce a superior
olive oil with the right cultivar. It looks like your plants could be the one.” wrote Professor Mostul of
Rare Plant Research to Rebeiz.

A couple of years ago, Jensen told Rebeiz that the best way to promote a variety was to win medals;
the blind test when the US beat France was a defining moment for California wine…listen carefully
for that same silence when the medal count goes up for the Beladi.

OUR MESSAGE on this May 4, 2013:

Our goal is to introduce our guests to the BELADI name and the statement of quality it made
us naturally adopt on our award-winning olive oils: “This olive oil is made with the BELADI olives
which are still being gifted to the world from the 6,000-year old Mother trees, 16 of which can still be
admired in the village of Bechealeh, Lebanon.”

In collaboration with Novavine, Olive Grove Partners and their TIME olive trees’ brand have
introduced in the USA the Beladi and other olive trees from Lebanon.

We are in the process of identifying these varieties and undertaking further research to study their
characteristics such as their resistance to the extreme weather and to the olive fly.

They will be available in the spring of 2014. It is our opinion that they should be (naturally)
planted in low to medium density: 200 or less trees per acre

We are confident in the olive trees’ value from their giving: Drought resistance, shade, fruit, health,
beauty, history. We are amazed by their ease of transplant, survival, longevity. We love their legends.
Some say that the olive tree is immortal.

Our mission is to research & propagate in the US, the Mediterranean/Lebanese olive tree

TIME Olive Trees, Mother of All Trees


About the age of the trees in Bechealeh:
“… I have never seen or heard of dated trees that are over 1,000 years old… Has there been any
scientific evaluation of the Lebanese trees that says they are 6,000 years old?…”

“… I went through an internet search and I could not find any scientific data to support the
Lebanese Ministry of Tourism’s sign or the articles about the trees of Bechealeh… I am very
fortunate on both sides: A business based on consulting with professionals and olive trees rooted
in a heritage full of History and yes, Legends, stories and old-wives’ tales…” Farid Rebeiz

About the weather in Texas: To the question “can it survive the weather?” our answer is “absolutely!
The climate will however influence the fruit’s flowering process”.

About water: The olive tree is extremely drought-resistant. The olive tree needs good drainage.
“The only way you can kill an olive tree is by drowning it” used to say Francois Boutroux.

About planting density for production:
Our philosophy remains that the real value of a medium density olive grove resides in its trees which provide
beauty, shade and value as opposed to super-high density (SHD) growing; it most probably provides
better protection from extreme climate to the olive flower bud. If our assumption of a $500 value per 15-
year old tree was right, that’s $100,000/acre for a traditional medium density grove of 202 trees per acre.
We are of the opinion that 3 extra years (v. the earlier SHD production) coupled with the fact that
hundred-year old trees can be transplanted with almost 100% success in Lebanon will make it well
worth adopting this most natural and sustainable growth of the olive tree.

Data for the growers who want to profit from the fruit of the olive tree:
We are gathering data on the olive & olive oil industry from growers in Central Texas, Northern
California, Northern Lebanon and France:
Lebanon & France have different varieties and many more years of data but their methods are less
advanced & less efficient than in the US;
The Mediterranean climate in Lebanon, France & N. California is different from Texas Continental
Our job is to give the data and allow our reader to see the exact differences between the 4 locations
which he/she will need to make his/her own decision.
When available, we will provide the data with clear assumptions and suggestions for adjustments
such as a “location” yield factor.

Gwen Dayton. Director of Communication of Olive Grove Partners & its TIME brands. 512-474-2223. Austin, Texas.


11:00a-3:00p Manouche & Wine; Corners of Time Presentation & Fundraiser
12:30p-12:45p Welcome by Gwen Dayton, Director of Communications, Olive Grove Partners
12:45p-12:50p Blessing by Sister Gertrude: Introduction by Farid Rebeiz, Principal Olive Grove Partners
1:00p-3:00p Presentation by Jay Jensen, CEO Novavine Of Santa Rosa, California
Q&A’s followed by informal chatting on subject with assembled expert guests
3:00p-3:45p Olive oil tasting by Corine Boutroux from le Domaine de L’Arbre Blanc in France
4:00p End of function at Pedernales Cellars
4:30p-6:00p Tree Planting at Clay Signor’s: 166 Livesay Lane, Stonewall, Texas 78624 (6 Miles)