We will work closely with you from the start to find the right person to manage the Corner, whether it’s a Corners of Time®
representative, or one of your staff members.

Your customers will be able to easily sample and, through an internet connection, purchase our unique gourmet Mediterranean
products. It’s as simple as SIP – CLICK – DELIVERED!

Before buying, customers taste and experience the Mediterranean’s finest products hand-selected by us.

With a click at our Corners, or anywhere online, they will configure their custom Corners of Time® gift set by choosing items ranging
in prices from $50 to $100.

All of our products are neatly and safely packed in individual Corners of Time® gift boxes and are delivered anywhere in the
continental US within days of ordering – duty-free if purchased outside of the United States!

For more information, please contact info@cornersoftime.com or call (512) 474-2223