If you are a Manufacturer in the Mediterranean, imagine being able to place your products into the homes of American families, without having to pay for storing, boxing, shipping, and returns. Just put your product in the jars or bottles we provide you with, carefully place the labels, and get them to our consolidation points. Then get fairly compensated. You risk only the cost of your goods, all else is provided, you gain access to the largest consuming nation in the world.

Corners provide you with a simple, personal, and powerful marketing tool: A service in boutique locations for people to see, touch, smell and taste your products, with your name featured on our label, delivered to their homes. It (the service) is as if you yourself were bringing a tasting tray for your guests while they are sitting and relaxing in the lobby of a hotel, or an airport, or a boutique, then sending them, their family, friends or business associates a gift of what they liked best.

This marketing tool does not take away from your ability to sell your products through other means; in fact it helps: The customers can read your name & website on the label and order directly from you, if they wish; in fact, with just a low investment, product cost alone, you consider it advertising, until of course, the Corners quickly sell so much you are enjoying the miracle of making money on your advertising dollars.

How it Works

We pay and supply you with the bottles, the jars and the artwork for the labels.
Provide the ingredients and the wording to be written on the label
Bottle and label your products and depending on where you are located, get it to a consolidating warehouse, or directly to us, on time.
Supply samples of your products for tasting at the Corners’ Hosts’ locations
Comply with Corners’ standards, rules and quality control.
We suggest that you fairly price your product; the consumer will ultimately determine the demand for yours.

For more information, please contact info@cornersoftime.com or call (512) 474-2223