Our mission is to promote in the US, the Mediterranean/Lebanese olive oil and related products
Using the 6,000 year old Beladi and other olive varieties we introduced in the USA in 2010
And blending it with olive oils & food products readily available in the USA 
For the purpose of gaining medals & appreciation in the USA and
Encouraging its use by US manufacturers as a base to blend and use with their production & cuisine.

A woman owned, family operated business. Part of Pacific Farms & Orchards, Inc., a third-generation family farm operation in the Sacramento Valley since 1952. www.pacificsunoliveoil.com Won +/-40 awards from 2003 to 2010 (click to see below)

A Taste of Home 2005 Gold & Bronze “Great Taste Awards”, UK’s highest seal of Traditional, authentic, top quality Fine Foods Women owned and operated www.mymoune.com

Organic Food from the Heart of Nature www.adonisvalley.com

(oil in ancient Phoenician language) highlights the rich historical background of the Lebanese olive oil related to its Phoenician origins. www.zejd.net