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The Lebanese olive oil – A quest for attraction

By Magali Ghosn | 16 August 2011

Olive Oil Trees

Conquering the American market with the Lebanese green gold is Farid Rebeiz’s new mission to which he devoted himself for many years.

It was love at first sight in 2006 between this entrepreneur who left his motherland long ago and the Lebanese olive oil that gave birth to ‘Corners of Time’: A business and a brand to passionately introduce this millenarean product to
the United States.

To better understand the properties of this product and the needs of the US market, Rebeiz has surrounded himself with experts in Lebanon and in the USA and worked with organizations such as arcenciel and the Lebanese Agricultural
Research Institute.

“The potential of the Lebanese olive oil is extremely high but still unknown, I want the American public to taste this exceptional olive oil that reflects the hospitality and generosity of the Lebanese people”, says Rebeiz.

For this person with an engineering background, his project is the marriage between the Lebanese culture and the American know-how and technology. He started by introducing about 1,400 Lebanese olive cuttings (Ayrouni and Baladi) in California. In conformance with the US regulation of plants coming from abroad, they are currently under quarantine for two years at Novavine in California, one of the most reputable nurseries in the USA.

Meanwhile, Rebeiz has created an online service for selling and delivering
anywhere in the USA gift boxes filled with the customer’s selection of olive oil and other traditional Lebanese condiments.

Sip, Click, Delivered

The added value of this concept? The idea is to offer consumers, especially those residing in the United States, the opportunity to taste these products before ordering them. ‘Corners of Time’ will be available in hotels, airports and
shops. With simple clicks on, the consumer can order a box filled with his selection of products to be delivered to friends and families anywhere in the USA.

Starting September, Corners of Time will be available at hotels in Lebanon that will offer their guests a range of 24 products. Americans staying in these hotels will be able to taste the Lebanese olive oil and local products such as Mymouné and Adonis, then order them online. They will be delivered for free to their homes in the U.S. without having to worry about excess luggage.

This initiative is still in its earliest phases, ‘Corners of Time’ will gradually expand its presence in Lebanon, the United States and France and will include more products. “I want to show that Lebanon is full of potential, has quality products and that this mythical olive oil that’s being produced for years can compete with the best in the world,” concludes a determined Farid Rebeiz.